Straw Engineer Bundle


The most requested item for teacher


As an art teacher and this is one of the most requested items during my lessons. I started using it with my younger students. K-3 but I got so many requests from the 4th and 5th graders that I added to their choice days as well.

I gave very few instructions like keeping them out of your mouth, no standing on the chairs to make it higher and no spaghetti at clean-up time.

I love watching the students figure out how to make things taller or somethings unexpected.




Why you gonna love this Straw Engineer Bundle?

  • Let kids see their idea come to life
  • A toy that is fun even for 100+ hours of playtime
  • Learn while having fun

Featuring Works from our future engineers

Dog house made from John (7yrs old) to his little friend!


A plane made by Cindy (6yrs old)


Straw Size: 20.5cm*0.5cm

Color: a combination of blue, green, yellow, red, and orange

Material: ABS

*Suitable for 3+ years old

What's Included?

  •  Straws (150/250/350) pieces
  •  Connector (150/250/350) pieces
  •  Manual with instructions of different designs

Shipping & Delivery

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