Mouse Pad Desk extension


 I am a fulltime blogger and need to type a lot on a daily basis. This pad really comes in handy and helps me to relieve tiredness and maintain a proper posture. If you are using computer for hours every day like me, this pad is perfect for you :)

- Gloria R


Do you find your elbow, arm, or neck sore at the end of your work? 

Armrest Pad provides an extension for your desk to let your elbow rest on comfortably. It also prevents you from leaning forward to put your elbow on the desk which makes you subconsciously lowering your back and neck. 

Long hours usage of computers in a bad posture can cause lots of health problems such as back, shoulder, and neck pain.

a comparison between using the extension pad versus without

It helps you:

✅ Maintain a proper posture which avoids occupational chronic diseases such as myopia and cervical spondylosis

✅ Improve your work & gaming performance

✅ Relieve tiredness and soreness of long hours use of computer

✅ A perfect accessory for long hours computer users

How to Setup

Simply fit the armrest pad by hand with the screw provided.

easily install the desk extension with the screw provided, no stink left behind

you can rotate the desk extension too

The pad is also rotatable for your convenience.

Material: Strong ABS Plastic


    Shipping & Delivery

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