Back Brace for Lower Back Pain - Lumbar Support Spinal Air Traction Belt


Having back pain and posture problems? This back brace for lower back pain will be your solution!

Why you gonna love this lumbar spine press belt

  • Back pain relief and embrace good night sleep
  • Improving your posture problem which solves the root problem of the back pain, herniated disc and helps you regain confidence and improve your image
  • A convenient health care kit that brings Long-Lasting result without the need for expensive medical therapy
This back brace helps improving the posture problems you have to help you regain confidence

How this back brace fix lower back pain?

Massage & Easing Stiff Muscle

These braces will massage your lower back when it stretches and contrasts which helps to ease stiff muscle. facilitating blood circulation, pain relief, lowering blood pressure, and other health care benefits.

The stretching and contrasting process facilitate blood circulation and easing stiff muscle.

Reducing pressure imposing on your lower back

The spinal traction belt supports the weight of the upper body and reduces the pressure imposed on the lower back.

It helps to reduce the chance of injury and facilitating the recovery process.

Strengthening your Lower Back Muscle

The back brace tightens up your lower back which reminds your to stand straight and improving your posture habit from time to time. 

This process helps you built up your lower back muscle and fixing the lower back pain problem forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often and how long Should I wear this back brace a day?

There is no set limit of how long you should be wearing this back brace. We recommend you to wear it on a daily process and as long as you can. The more often you use it. the more visible the result gonna be.

The belt isn't bulky, providing good lumbar support and you can easily fit it under your clothes and wear it throughout the day.

How long does it take to see results?

The majority of our customers start noticing results within the first 2 weeks of treatment. You will start feeling relaxed and pain being neutralized within the first 2 weeks. It takes around 1 to 2 months of daily usage to notice your posture habit being corrected.


How do you use a spinal air traction belt?

1. It is better to wear the air traction belt on the surface of the skin or underwear.
2. Place the strap above the hip bone and below the soft rib arch, and fasten the connection buckle.
3. The air pump clip is connected with the air nozzle, and it can be inflated by foot pedal or hand pressure.
4. It is best to fully inflate the traction belt until the inflatable column is fully deployed.
5. Wearing for 30-60 minutes, it can be extended according to the actual situation.
6. Remove the traction belt during sleep.
7. When unfastening, first unscrew the inflation valve or press the air valve thimble to deflate, and then unfasten the belt.
8. Use 30 minutes before going to bed for good results.

What's inside?

The package include one back brace for lower back pain, an user manual, a pump to inflate the lower back decompression belt and an extension belt to help you get fited

The package included:

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support Brace
  • An extension belt (9.4 inches long)
  • A pump to inflate the back belt
  • User Manual

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