Are decompression belts safe?

Every morning or evening, you can often see many elderly people exercising in the park. Some grandpas and grandmothers wear waist protectors for a long time because of low back pain.

However, doctors reminded that waist protectors can indeed relieve the pain, but the wrong use can cause harm. , Before putting on the waist protection, we must first find out the cause of low back pain.

The purpose of lumbar support is to support muscles and limit activities
Lai Yuliang, director of the Rehabilitation Department of the Hsinchu Hospital of China Medical University, said that except for low back pain caused by accidents, such as car accidents, falls, etc., most low back pains are caused by long-term poor posture, frequent heavy lifting, or intervertebral discs.

It is caused by protrusion, but not every type of low back pain requires waist support. It is only necessary to use waist support for acute muscle strain, intervertebral disc herniation, severe scoliosis, or just after related surgery.

Is wearing a back brace good for you?

The main function of lumbar support is to "assistance the lumbar muscles to support the spine." It can help patients with lower back injuries or just after surgery, reduce the pressure on the lumbar muscles and spine joints, and limit the angle of body movement without affecting the injured area, and then achieve The effect of relieving soreness.

Soft or hard, best recommended by a doctor
Lai Yuliang said that there are currently many types of waist support on the market, which are roughly divided into soft and hard ones. The soft waist support is suitable for acute back pain, such as pain relief from muscle strains. The hard waist support has better fixation effects and is mostly used to control spine fractures. , Post-spine surgery protection, etc.

When people go to a doctor, doctors will suggest which waist support should be worn according to the patient's condition. People can go to the medical equipment shop to buy according to the doctor's recommendation afterwards, so as not to buy unsuitable ones, which will have no effect if worn. In addition, the public is also reminded that when using the waist protection, the waist strap of the waist protection must be tied tightly to have an effect.


What are the side effects of spinal decompression?

Don't rely on too much to avoid muscle atrophy
However, Lai Yuliang also said that he usually recommends that patients after surgery use the waist support for about 3 months, usually at home or in a safer environment, such as sleeping at night, depending on the situation, do not use the waist support.

Why do you tell people to avoid wearing waist protectors in a safe environment? The main reason is that after wearing the waist protection, the abdominal muscles and back muscles will become dependent. Many people are afraid that if they don’t use the waist support, they will suffer from low back pain. They wear it almost all day. They cannot do without the waist support for a long time. On the contrary, they will atrophy and weaken the back muscles, just like some people have a broken foot and cast casts. After the cast is removed, the feet feel weak at first, because the feet have not been used for too long and the muscles have atrophy.
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